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Protecting the environment is always a priority for us at Bartons Transport. As a coach company, we are fully committed to reducing environmental impact wherever possible. We encourage large groups of people to opt for coaches rather than individual cars. Travelling by coach causes less pollution (per passenger per kilometre) than the equivalent journey made by train or car. Travelling by coach also significantly reduces road congestion. We know this is an important consideration for many of our clients. If you are using our services, feel happy that you too are doing your bit to reduce emissions.

Reducing Road Congestion:

A coach full of passengers takes up far less space on the road than the same number of people travelling by car. Reduced road congestion allows average speeds to rise, which in turn allows engines to operate more efficiently with reduced fuel consumption and reduced emissions. Bus lanes can generally be used by our coaches, thus reducing congestion even further.  Bartons maintenance standards are exceptionally high because we employ our own specialist team of mechanics, working in well-equipped, purpose-built garage facilities at our coach depot. We operate a preventive maintenance programme, and all vehicles are checked periodically in compliance with RSA guidelines. This helps to ensure that our coaches are always operating cleanly and efficiently.


Our fleet are fitted with fleet manager, an invaluable tool which enables us to monitor driving behaviour improving fuel consumption and reducing engine idling time.  We also continually strive to reduce our empty running miles by more efficient route planning with the assistance of our vehicle tracking system.

Emission Control:

The ‘Euro’ emission standards, issued in a series of European Union directives, define the acceptable limits for vehicle exhaust emissions. All our coaches are compliant. We use new, quality vehicles with the cleanest engines possible. Most of our vehicles are under 5 years old. Our coaches are maintained to the highest standards, ensuring that they are running efficiently. We operate a preventative maintenance programme.


We aim to recycle 80% of our waste; currently we recycle all cardboard, paper, plastic, metal and used engine oil. We reduce the amount of paper printed and use electronic means of forwarding documents.


We continue to ensure our driver training is up to date. We promote safe responsible and considerate driving whilst reducing fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance. All our drivers complete annual CPC’s and all drivers have received training in relation to Covid 19 best practice.

Inclusion and Diversity:

Bartons believe in equal opportunities, and we consider all job applicants. Our workforce reflects the diversity of cultures in Ireland. We would welcome more applications from women.

Safer Working:

Following the outbreak of Covid 19 which has a major impact on travel we continue the follow the latest government guidelines. To reduce the risk of infection all coaches are thoroughly cleaned, hand sanitizer is available on entry points of all vehicles, Drivers routinely wipe downs all touch points. Passengers and drivers wear face masks. We only use environmentally friendly cleaning products where possible.

The Future

We are looking at using Tetra Water Cartons containing superb natural water, from an age-old artesian well, the packaging reflects a sensitivity for the environment and is 100% recyclable.

We are always happy to get on board with new ways of reducing our environmental impact. If you would like to talk to us about our policy and practices, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

TEL: 01 628 6026